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    Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, 
    Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers MP, Minister for Education Jason Clare MP,  Minister for Early Childhood Education Dr Anne Aly MP

My name is Wendy, and I am an early childhood educator and parent in Mackay, Queensland. I’ve worked in early childhood education and care for more than 16 years. Educators need a payrise now. With the cost of living only going up, a wage increase is desperately needed so people like me can survive. I have two children of my own, and I know parents can’t pay more in fees: that’s why we are petitioning the Federal Government to properly fund educator wages.

We know parents and families rely on us.  We’re already struggling to fill job vacancies and enrol children for the days that families need. At my centre the waiting list is already too long for parents, and we can’t even think about what will happen after 1 July when the new higher subsidies for families come in. Educators are responsible for lives, and we are the backbone of educating our society. 0-5 years is when the brain develops the most.  It’s time for educators to be paid what we deserve.

I love my job. But as costs rise and I have to choose between paying my bills or staying in the sector, I will be forced to leave. What are parents going to do when there aren’t any educators left? What is the government going to do?

That’s why we’re asking all families and parents to join us in petitioning the government to commit to funding a wage rise for us. With even greater demand for our work coming on 1 July, educators need to know that the government will support us. We need a reason to stay.

Sign this petition to support a 25% wage increase for educators funded by the Federal Government!

Wendy – educator and parent