Big Steps is the campaign to win professional wages to build a quality early childhood education and care system in Australia.

Around 1 million children are in childcare. Families entrust their children into the hands of professionals who have been trained to educate and care for them.

Yet, the professional work of these educators is not remunerated with a professional wage.

The sector’s low wages has led to a high turnover of staff: 180 educators leave the sector a week and centres struggle to attract and retain suitably qualified people. This has a negative impact on children who thrive in environments where there is stability and trust.

Early childhood educators do a professional job and they deserve a professional wage.

The Big Steps campaign seeks to get the Federal Government to supplement educators’ wages, by funding the gap between actual wage rates and what a professional wage would be.

The Big Steps campaign is the largest representative of educators in the sector and we are working hard to win the kind of wages which recognise the critical role childcare educators play in our community!